Lupus Engineering Services Ltd
Specialists in Marine Renewable Energy
Structural Engineering
At Lupus Engineering we have over 25 years experience in offshore structural engineering design. Initially starting in the oil and gas industry and then, owing to concerns about climate change, moving over in 2006 to exclusively serve the offshore renewable energy sectors wind, wave and tidal energy.

We are experienced in the use of a variety of analysis tools such as MathCad, ABAQUS, STAAD, CALCULIX, and have undertaken a wide variety of analysis types including:- ship collision, dropped object protection, sub-sea connector system, submarine hatch sealing mechanism, submarine buckling collapse, Transportation grillages, Sea-fastenings, heavy lift frames, cable management and Nacelle to Substructure docking systems for TTGs, removable span decks for a pontoon barge e.t.c.

Some examples are shown below.
Nacelle Loadout
Nacelle Lift Analysis
Nacelle Transportation and Assembly Frame.
Strength and Fatigue analysis of the Atlantis Substructure for Robert Bird Group 2010.