Lupus Engineering Services Ltd
Specialists in Marine Renewable Energy
Installation & Retrieval
We have significant experience in designing, planning, and undertaking marine operations for the installation and retrieval of submerged tidal turbines.

Our engineering work has included the design of bespoke offshore heavy lift frames for nacelle installation and retrieval, Rigging Design, transportation sea-fastenings, cable chutes, and quay side assembly grillages.

On the project engineering side of things we are experienced in the creation of method statements, risk assessments, Lift Plans, and liasing with local authorities.

We have also developed to a detailed engineering level robust installation and retrieval solutions that do not rely on jackups and DP vessels, and also minimise the need for ROVs.
Installation of the HS1000  Substructure, Orkney, 2011
Nacelle Lift Frame 2013 with hydraulic release shackle pins and mounted cameras.
Lift Frame for Ballast Block and TSS operations with the GM700 - 2018
- with hydraulic release shackle pins and mounted cameras.