Lupus Engineering Services Ltd
Specialists in Marine Renewable Energy
We have worked extensively with Green Marine (UK) Ltd in a variety of offshore decommissioning projects which have included:
Pelamis P2 WEC
Atlantis Resources Protoype Commercial TTG
Andritz Hyro Hammerfest Prototype TTG
Pelamis P2 Decommissioning 2016
Shown opposite is an evaluation of sling lift effects on Pelamis P2.

Comparison of survey data of the draft and trim with theoretical hydrostatic calculations was used to determine the mass and centre of gravity of the dismantled tubular sections in preparation for lift - as well as assessing the effects on draft and trim for the still connected sections.
Shown Opposite is a lift frame designed in collaboration with the Green Marine Team.

This is designed to be used with the GM700 Heavy Lift  Gantry Barge.

The frame has a 205 tonne WLL capacity that can be achieved with corner lift or mid-side member lift for 45 degrees orientation requirements - making it suitable for a variety of lift configurations.

It is intended to use the lift frame for the decommissioning of ballast weights and sub structures of TTGs.

Shown Opposite is a typical configuration for the deployment of the lift frame.