Lupus Engineering Services Ltd
Specialists in Marine Renewable Energy
Offshore Wind
We started in the offshore wind industry in 2003 undertaking a variety of engineering activities that are listed below. All the examples shown here are our own work.

Stability Analysis of Moored Floating Wind Turbine Foundation - in Rhino Orca
Substation Structural Design
FEA Modelling of Nacelle Mainframe structures
Structural design of cable laying barge equipment
Structural design for accommodation barge
Appointed Person for Planning & Executing Offshore Operations.
Crane de-rating curves (for barge mounted crawlers)
Stability analysis for floating turbines
Mooring analysis
Sand anchor design for shoreside operations
Helideck Design
Beach Landing - shore-side works
3 Tier Substation Structure
Cable Cage and Gantry - North Hoyle
Mainframe Casting Brick Mesh
Mainframe Casting in Nacelle assembly