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Deepview 24

In 2018 & 2019 we worked with Triton Submarines, based in the USA, on the analysis of their DeepView 24 tourist submarine design.

The work included modelling the full pressure hull assembly including the rubber seals (modelled using a hyper-elastic Monney-Rivlin material model) and the bolted assemblies for the main hull assembly rods, viewport seating rings, and conning tower assembly.

Non-linear material and geometry was employed to undertake assembly analysis - with the effects of bolt pre-loads being assessed, followed by dive cases, buckling collapse analysis, and impact analysis.

Images below are reproduced with the kind permission of Triton Submarines
View showing the Assembly
Overall Model Assembly
Zoom on Aft Assembly
Zoom on Forward Assembly
Zoom on Acrylic Seating Ring Assembly
Von Mises Stresses at 2.4 x Nominal Dive Pressure
Collision Strut Deformation